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Want to Know How to Diffuse the Toxic Relationships at Work?

Mar 24, 2015 No Comments by

Do you constantly find yourself wondering:

  • Why is there so much conflict and frustration at work?
  • Why are stress levels over the top most days?
  • Why can’t we all just do our jobs and get along?

Think about how your …

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Will You Stay, Suffer or Leave a Bully Boss?

Mar 18, 2015 No Comments by

By Dr. Sylvia Lafair

Did you ever work for someone who points their finger at you like they want to poke out your eyes? Did you, or maybe YOU DO, work for someone who is always telling you what is …

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Pattern Clash: When the Jerk at Work Meets the Jerk at Work

Mar 10, 2015 No Comments by

By Dr. Sylvia Lafair

“I work hard” he muttered. I could barely hear him.

“You do WHAT?” I asked.

“Work hard. I told you, I work hard.” It seemed to him like no one ever really listened.

He went on …

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Nocilla Named Director of Quality Assurance for Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers

Feb 23, 2015 No Comments by

Honesdale, PA (February 23, 2015)—Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers (WMCHC), welcomes Norma Nocilla, BSHA, LPN, CPHQ, who has been appointed Director of Quality Assurance for the federally qualified health center. Nocilla will be responsible for planning, supervision and coordination of

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Facebook: Fired Up or Just Fired?

Jun 15, 2010 No Comments by

By, Dr. Rhonda Savage, DDS

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Media in the Workplace

There’s no doubt that Facebook participation can be an asset to any business. The question is, how can you use it to …

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Effective Employee Discipline: Handling it properly and staying out of court

May 06, 2010 No Comments

By Dick Cipoletti

If 2010 proves typical, there will be over 100,000 lawsuits and claims filed against employers in the US and the average cost to defend a wrongful discharge suit will be above $150,000.

Dealing with employee disciplinary issues …

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