Effective Online Advertising

The advertising message needs to be proactive; prompting a reader to take action by emailing, visiting a Web site or making a phone call.

Make sure the print advertisement includes a phone number, fax number, email, contact name, description of product or service and logo, if you have one. Graphics also enhance the ad by capturing the imagination or attention of the reader.

Decide who the target market is and design an ad that will attract your ideal client or customer.

When calculating your advertising budget consider frequency, placement, ad size, and content for effective Search Engine Optimization. Keep in mind that larger ads are much more visible, but properly designed smaller ads with a strong message can have significant impact.

Review the editorial calendar of the publication. Even online publications (like PBJ, which provides wrap-around news) will schedule some portion of its content around a theme or topic. This may be a consideration when discussing placement of advertising.

Frequency, consistency and the use of various marketing media are critical to the success of any advertising campaign.

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