Courageous Healers announces upcoming RIDE ACROSS AMERICA to STOMP OUT SHAME


Helping men, boys and their families heal from the scars of sexual abuse.

Coachella Valley, CA: Today, the Courageous Healers organization officially announces the first annual Ride Across America to STOMP OUT SHAME, founded by Randy Boyd, a sexual abuse survivor and the author of the self help book, “Healing the Man Within”.

Courageous Healers leads the upcoming ride from Indio, CA to Beach Lake, PA while conducting community workshops along the way intended to interrupt the social stigmas surrounding the victims of abuse.

This campaign has utilized a FULL SIZE TRUCK WRAP and TEAM JERSEYS AND BIBS fashioned to advertise the locally owned businesses who satisfactorily support the Courageous Healers mission. The truck and jerseys come with the intent to advertise our supporters within the Coachella Valley area for one full year.

Who: Courageous Healers 501(c)3 _ Tax Id # 27-4159392
What: Ride Across America to STOMP OUT SHAME
Where: Indio, California to Beach Lake Pennsylvania
When: 6/18/2017 – 7/27/2017
Why: The Founder of Courageous Healers, Randy Boyd, believes that there is less of a stigma for women who have been sexually abused than for men who have been sexually abused. The reality is that in many abuse cases, the perpetrators are highly aware of the child tendency to self blame and will prey on that. We aim to raise awareness on courageous healing by interrupting the social stigmas surrounding victims of sexual abuse.

Courageous Healers contends to raise awareness that any experience making a child
feel isolated, ashamed, violated or frightened due to sexual content is sexual abuse.
To pave a safe way for our children, and a safe way back for the victims of childhood abuse.

“The point of our project is to help (those) who have experienced sexual abuse to finally be able to name it and therefore finally be able to treat it and actually get
some relief from the mental torment it can cause.” _ Randy Boyd

Randy Boyd