It’s Time for Milford’s Mac N’ Cheese and Chili Contest


The Dimmick Inn will again host Milford’s renowned Mac N’ Cheese and Chili fund-raising contests when seasoned chefs and home connoisseurs vie for top bragging rights as part of the 9th annual Winter Lights Festival January 20th through the 22nd.  Always a highlight of the Festival’s myriad of events, the contest, which is open to commercial restauranteurs and home cooks alike, has continually drawn hot, heavy and tasty competition.

The rules are simple. There are no limits as to how many different Mac N’ Cheese and/or Chili recipes you want to submit for judging; however, two pounds of each of your different recipes must be prepared to accommodate the Festival goers who contribute $5   to sample your wares and decide the tastiest dishes.  In order to qualify, entries must be delivered to the Dimmick Inn at 101 East Harford Street in Milford no later than 11 a.m.on Saturday, January 20th.

First, second and third place winners not only receive a plaque commemorating their culinary victories, but seal their place in Festival history during an awards presentation later Saturday afternoon. For additional information, please contact Winter Lights Festival founder and director Mike Carson by email at