4 Rules for Great Leading During the Passover and Easter Holidays


By Dr. Sylvia Lafair

Imagine yourself as the most loved leader in your organization. Imagine being honored at a dinner for your skills and talents. What would they say about you? How would you respond?

Leading a team and getting your direct reports to really, really want to follow you takes lots of deep internal understanding of yourself. As a great leader you set the standard. You do not shy away from conflict, in fact you show others how to maneuver through difficult situations and come out of the tough talks with new and creative ideas.

Great leaders know that any holiday time has a whole set of problems that usually blend work and family more than any other time of the year. The best leaders understand that when stress hits the hot button there is a tendency to revert to behavior we learned in our original organization, the family to solve problems. Often, becoming like little kids who need more encouragement and appreciation.

Here are important rules to follow all year and underline as vital during the stress of Passover and Easter, and any other holiday, for that matter.

Rule 1: Find the positives and make sure to praise individuals as much as possible

Rule 2: Only reprimand when absolutely necessary and do so in private

Rule 3: Set aside time for staff communication about future dreams and possibilities

Rule 4: Encourage more than ever a “you can do it” philosophy

While the holidays send messages that beg us to be “happy” and in the “spirit”, the added stress does not go away until that golden ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and we have a long way to go from Passover and Easter until then.

Great leaders factor in this stress and help employees stay steady. Remember one of the greatest gifts you can give as a leader is your extra understanding towards family and employees during all holiday seasons.