Accelerate Your Career


Article by Gina Yarrish

I bet like many others, you’ve started your career off with big aspirations and high hopes. Then after passing your professional examinations and yearning for a successful rewarding profession things may not turn up as expected. Possible even get caught up in murky waters never realizing your full potential. Here are a few tips by Gina Yarrish from her book title “Harness your Purpose, Power and Peace. Discover the Leader within You.” These can surely enable you to accelerate your career and achieve results you never thought of or even imagined.

1. Focus forward. It’s impossible to get to where you want to go, be or do without first thinking it. Look back when you need inspiration and only look at what you’ve accomplished. It will propel you forward.

2. Keep the end in mind, not how. How won’t give you the answers and it will leave you feeling stuck. With the vision and focusing forward, the hows will show up but you first need to take a step and trust the process.

3. Be ready to learn. Learning is a continuous process. The more knowledge you acquire, the more contribution you make, and the more you contribute the greater your chances of reaching ultimate limits of possibilities.

4. Learn to listen actively. Training and additional experience are important. However, listening is an important component of any career growth. Attentive and keen listening may enable to you discover opportunities are right in front of you.

5. Your dream is your passion. Your passion is what gets you excited. What wows you and makes your heart beat really fast. If it is not beating fast, then think bigger! Think big, gets big results. Think little gets little results. Why waste energy on small.

6. Be a team player. Learn to work with others instead of competing with them. It will get you know were fast.

7. Expect the road to be rocky, but it’s who you become in the process that is so amazing. Stay focused on the end and it will get you there! Take time to enjoy the journey. Realizing your career dream will take time but with a little help and motivation from supports and coaching like Gina Yarrish, you will accelerate and see life is way more than where you at now.

If this has you thinking then the book with get you moving. Take just one step. Go to and get a complimentary copy of Chapter one to get you started. If you already know you want more, then join her in the next work professional leadership workshop. I