Adwords Marketing: Mining for Niche Keywords


Too many online marketers bounce around from one niche to the next, thinking the more they cover, the greater chance they have of making real money online or creating a quick conversion.

But as long as the niche you choose is a lucrative one, your goal should be to go deep within it to effectively mine it for all its worth rather than taking a scattershot approach.

How to Mine A Niche Online
Mining a niche isn’t a matter of guesswork. It’s a very scientific process of going after the right keywords. The traffic you generate can come from PPC, SEO, or, in my preferred case, article marketing. What most budding marketers do when they target a lucrative niche is they go after the highest demand keywords thinking that’s where the big traffic is. This is a mistake.

High demand keywords are where the potentially big traffic is, to be sure, but it’s also where the greatest competition lies. In a high profit potential niche, it’s going to be very difficult to compete against people who are dominating Google for those phrases and likely have been for years.

Success lies in going very deep, which means focusing your efforts on the mid-tail and especially long-tail keywords. This will also mean you’re going to create content on the same topics over and over. Even if it seems redundant to you, I can assure you it won’t be to your readers, and you’ll also make a lot more sales/conversions, which is what we’re all after, right?

Let me explain…

Think Small To Get Big Results
If I’m trying to drive sales in the lucrative anti-aging skin care niche, I don’t just want to target keywords like “anti-aging” or “skin care,” I want to go deep. I want to go after keywords that contain 3 or 4 phrases in them that are highly specific and less competitive, like “anti aging cream formulation” or “best anti aging skin treatment.”

These are the phrases that have much less competition. It doesn’t matter if the demand is less because I want you to target a lot of these types of keywords.

Rather than try to get more traffic from a competitive keyword that you probably won’t get a good ranking for that’s also less targeted, it’s much better to get less traffic from each article that is much more targeted. And, then, if you have enough articles out there on many of these long tail keywords, your overall traffic collectively from them will grow to large levels.

Don’t worry if you’re creating content on similar topics because of the keywords. Just remember, it’s a different person typing in “anti aging cream formulation,” that is typing in “best anti aging skin treatment” so even if you’re covering some of the same points in each, you want to rank for both phrases — and as many of these types of keyphrases as possible..

If you follow through on what you’ve just learned, you will be ahead of the vast majority of online marketers competing in your niche.

Jason Trump is a certified Google Adwords Coach and Marketing Consultant. If you are looking to increase the number of targeted leads to your web site, sign up for a coaching plan at: or call 559-ADWORDS  (239-6737).