If Only Syndrome


If only I had more money. If only I knew the right people. If only I had more education.
If only I wasn’t adopted. If only I was better looking. If only I had a better job. Do you
have the “If Only Syndrome”? I did. I hate to share with you but these are excuses.
There are tons and I mean tons of people that have no education, grew up on the
streets and had horrific situations and they made it. Look at many of the movie stars,
your top restaurants you go to, the salon lady that knows exactly how to make your
day, do your nails and make you feel like a million bucks. I bet they have a story.

Did you ever consider your story is what is holding you? It holds you back from
whatever it is your trying to do. I spend the day at the spa and connected with an
amazing woman who didn’t grow up like me. She was a victim of abuse and a parent
of alcoholism. She went without food and love something I can’t even fathom. But
she is top notch at a resort and it shines in her.
Don’t let you past dictate your future. Whatever your “if only” thought is, your more.
So much more. Here’s the problem? Your biggest challenge is your lack of thinking
and focusing forward. You can’t get to where you want to go unless you can think it.
I thought of a 30-day vacation and people can’t believe I’m doing it or understand how I can clear my scheduled. But I did it and twice.

What helped me and can help you is to write it down. Let me give you an image. You can’t think unless you empty the filing cabinet. It is so full. Once you’re able to put thoughts on paper, you’ve now cleared the filling cabinet and new and great things can be thought. Watch out world the ideas and thoughts, thinking and doing is electrified.

Let go of the “If only” and focus forward. When you do it’s as if something is pulling you forward and it really feels good.

Written by: Gina Yarrish

Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Coach