The Rail Riders Experience



From L-R:CHAMP, Rail Riders Mascot, and Eli Jacobson


Scranton– Even if it is not technically in the Poconos, it certainly is close enough to trek to for a Scranton/Wilkes Barre Rail Riders minor League baseball game.

The Rail Riders are the Triple A affiliate of the New York Yankees, but there is a whole different energy in Northeast Pennsylvania then in the big city. Let me tell you about my experiences the other night:

My four year old son and I attended a Rail Riders game and had a spectacular time. We had third row seats, along the first base line that cost $12 each. That’s right $12! We purchased a souvenir cup soda, a pretzel and an enormous bucket of French fries for a total of $15, and made our way to our seats.  My son had visions of catching a foul ball, and between every inning we would walk up to the fence, where he would stick out his glove in hopes of the batboy tossing him a ball. Sadly he had no luck.

Finally after the 4th inning we walked to the family fun zone, where for $5 they had an inflatable slide, a bouncy house inside a giant replica of the Rail Riders Mascot, and a ball toss. Upon our way back to our seats, we stopped to get a bag of popcorn for $6 and there was a between inning car that drove on the field that shot out T-shirts. Obviously my son wanted one, and to his chagrin he did not get one.   But unexpectedly, upon returning to our seats, the young man in front of us handed us a shirt and said, “Enjoy”. My sons face light up and he immediately put the children’s’ shirt on which fit him like a dress.

We continued to watch the game and the Rail Riders took a 7 to 1 lead. My son still dreamed of catching a foul ball, until the gentlemen, 2 rows in front of us caught one, turned around pointed at us and tossed us the foul ball. My sons face light up, and he began jumping up and down, screaming, “HOORAY!”

The game soon ended and we made our way to our car. We were out of the parking lot in less than ten minutes. This entire experience cost me $50, something that I find impossible to believe could happen in New York City. Plus we did not have to deal with the traffic, smog, large crowds and tolls. Driving home, I looked in the back seat and saw my son sleeping, wearing a huge Rail Riders T-shirt, and clenching a foul ball with a huge smile on his face.  The Poconos, what a great place to Live!


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