Could NE PA Become the Next Arms & Accessories Manufacturing District?


Kahr Arms celebrated the Grand Opening of it new manufacturing facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania on August 11, 2015.  In a statement by Kahr Arm’s President, Justin Moon, he mentioned that “several of Kahr’s vendors were also looking at moving to the region.”  This is a direct result of New York and New Jersey recently enacting tougher gun laws.

Could Northeast Pennsylvania be the perfect location for the firearms industry that currently exists in those two states?  It is close enough to existing markets and the skilled workforces of New York, New Jersey, and of course Pennsylvania, to make relocating feasible.  And the Commonwealth has a strong history of manufacturing and a solid work ethic that helps support such ventures.  So why not move to Northeast Pennsylvania?

The gun laws in New York according to Mr. Moon, “make gun manufacturers feel unwelcome in New York State.”  In contrast, Pennsylvania has a strong sense of freedom, independence, and supports second amendment rights.  These are important qualities to gun manufacturers like Kahr Arms.

Several military contractors and manufacturers are already located in NE PA providing a supportive network of industry experts and trained employees.  So with plenty of available land, lower operating costs, a ready workforce, and available buildings, it is quite possible that the Northeast region of Pennsylvania could be the next arms and accessories manufacturing district.

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