Want to Know How to Diffuse the Toxic Relationships at Work?


Do you constantly find yourself wondering:

  • Why is there so much conflict and frustration at work?
  • Why are stress levels over the top most days?
  • Why can’t we all just do our jobs and get along?

Think about how your work environment might be different if personal baggage could truly be left at the door.

No more upsets with “the jerk at work” who talks and talks and never listens or “the nut case” who runs in the other direction whenever he or she is asked to help with a project.

Work is about solving problems and that is part of what makes it challenging and invigorating. Once you solve a problem you get on to what is next. However, if the same problems keep repeating and repeating and show up day after day, then you have a pattern.

This is the most neglected area in business today.

You need the tools to diffuse toxic relationships at work! Tools to help you:

  • Understand the roots of office politics.
  • Become more effective communicators.
  • Find ways to decode the hidden agendas in your team.
  • Recognize patterns in the workplace (hint: there are 13 major ones).
  • Improve relationships to be a more effective leader.


The new tools and techniques I have developed over years of being “in the trenches” can help you create a work setting where creativity, enthusiasm, and innovation thrive and work becomes an adventure in higher productivity, deeper purpose, and more profit.

At this time, I am offering an opportunity to schedule a FREE strategy session with a Certified Pattern Breakthrough Coach that will enable you to see new ways to handle old repetitive workplace problems.

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