Mattioli Emergency Center Expansion Project: Improving the Patient Experience


As part of our commitment to improve the patient experience in the Emergency Department, construction recently began in the Clementine Abeloff Community Health Center and this will be directly followed by the Butler Pavilion Entrance on Monday, November 2, 2015.

The $3.8 million renovations are being done to improve the experience of all our patients and assist us in achieving the mission of providing excellent care close to home. Pocono Medical Center sees over 75,000 patients annually just through the Mattioli Emergency Center and these changes will enhance and grow the minor care treatment areas. For our patient and visitor’s convenience, the following changes will be made to create optimal navigation for you and your loved ones:

  1. PMC Physician Associates: General Surgery which was located in the Clementine Abeloff Community Health Center has moved to 447 Office Plaza, 200 Plaza Court, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. PMC Physician Associates: Infectious Diseases has moved to 175 East Brown Street, Suite 201A, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. These moves will allow for Emergency Department support functions to be relocated to the Abeloff Center.


  1. The Butler Pavilion (D Wing) entrance will close on Monday, November 2, 2015. Valet Parking and the Patient Discharge Area will officially move on this date to the Dale and Frances Hughes Cancer Center main entrance. This will impact all patients and visitors accessing the hospital through this entrance since it will no longer be available. The ambulatory entrance to the Emergency Department will remain at the existing location during this phase of the project.


    1. Discharged patients will be transported to the Hughes Cancer Center Main Entrance via the 3rd floor pedestrian bridge.


    1. Additionally, all patients and visitors in need of Valet Parking should advance toward the Hughes Cancer Center portico main entrance where our Valet staff will assist them. Valet will be available from 7am to 4:30pm on weekdays only. Patients and visitors will then take the Hughes Cancer Center elevators to the third floor and then take the bridge to the main hospital.


    1. There will be interior and exterior signage prominently displayed. There will be volunteers stationed in both the Hughes Cancer Center first floor and on the third floor in the main hospital outside of Good Shepherd to assist in guiding all patients and visitors.


    1. With these changes, we strongly encourage our patients to utilize our outpatient Laboratory and Imaging Services. As a reminder, we have Outpatient Lab services at multiple locations throughout the county. They include:
  • 447 Office Plaza – 500 Plaza Court East Stroudsburg, PA
  • Mountain Healthcare Center – 100 Community Drive, Suite 101, Tobyhanna, PA
  • Bartonsville Healthcare Care Center – 600 Commerce Blvd Stroudsburg, PA
  • East Stroudsburg, 400 Plaza Court, Suite C, East Stroudsburg, PA
  • Bartonsville Healthcare Center, 600 Commerce Boulevard, Stroudsburg, PA
  • Mountain Healthcare Center, 100 Community Drive, Suite 101, Tobyhanna, PA
    1. Our Outpatient Imaging services are available at:

Should patients or visitors seek the financial counseling service at the present time, it will be located in the Emergency Department. An appointment will need to be made in advance and that can be done by calling (570) 476-3324. Then at the time of the appointment, the Financial Counselor will gladly greet them in front of the Emergency Department entrance to escort through to their office.

Once the construction has concluded, our Emergency Department will have 13 additional new patient treatment areas in minor care, which will enhance the patient experience. There will also be space dedicated to emergency medical services for all our EMS partners in the Clementine Abeloff Community Health Center.

PMC_Exterior PMC_Interior