The Role of a Pest Professional


Exterminator No Pest Professional Yes

We live in a world of instant gratification.  Nothing is ever quick enough or cheap enough.  In the world of business you need to be ahead of the curve. The Pest Control industry is no different. There has been a drastic shift in philosophies. The days of the Exterminator (aka the spray Jockey) have gone the way of the dodo.  Due to the global changes in our world, pesticides have changed.  Eco-friendly products are starting to dominate the landscape. The problem with these products is they are not an instant fix.  They work directly on an insect’s physical and chemical makeup.  Unlike older pesticides that are a quick and highly toxic kill.  These newer products perform the same control just with a little slower effect but with a much safer result.  Being in the industry for the last 20 years I have witnessed the direct effects of highly toxic products.  In 2011 I became very ill; unbeknownst to me I had been poisoned. For years I had worked with products I believed to be safer than they were.  After a lengthy surgery and recovery I started rethinking my career.  I had ceased using harsh chemicals 3 years prior. Yet the damage continued and I was oblivious to it.

Fast forward to April 2016, NEPA Pest Control Solutions is at a customer’s home in Hawley PA. I’m the technician on the case and we have and Ant issue. With my flashlight headlamp, under a bathroom sink I find the invader on the hot water supply line.  Now it’s time to treat, but using ant bait.  Not by spraying because I’m not paid by the gallon.  We’re paid to diagnose the problem and to facilitate a solution with a prescription for treatment.  Sounds a little bit like going to the doctor’s office right? We’ve done all the homework; have all our certifications just like a doctor.  This is our role and our job to be educated about pests. We educate our customers on the safe non-toxic products that we use and how they work. Then we explain to them what they can expect moving forward.  We’re there to keep them safe from harm.

Children and pets should never be exposed to chemicals no matter how safe they claim to be. Therefore we treat the exterior with spray, but try to never spray on the inside unless absolutely necessary. The product is made from 100% botanical oils and smells like peppermint.  A company called ECO-SMART makes these products and there fantastic.  When applied safely by a pest control professional no one should ever get sick. We’re able to apply these products with confidence because we use them on and in our own homes.  Nothing feels better then serving our local community. Take care of the environment, take care of your family and keep them safe and Pest free. Give NEPA Pest Solutions a call and see the difference between an Exterminator and a Pest Control Professional. I’m not just a technician, I’m the Owner and it has been my pleasure to share my companies philosophy and mission. Keep you Safe.

Article by: Kevin Lawlor of NEPA Pest Solutions.  Learn more at