A Warm Spring Inspires Homeowners to Make Plans for Refreshing Landscapes


Farda Landscaping & Excavating notes trends and tips to aid the savvy homeowner in the landscape design process for 2012

Poconos, PA – An unseasonably warm spring has resulted in early blooming across the Northeast Pennsylvania region and turned homeowners hearts and minds towards preparing their outdoor landscapes for this year’s gardens, blooming flowers, and family barbeques. A properly maintained and suitably ornamented landscape; however, requires planning, strategic budgeting, and thoughtful consideration to environmental considerations. Farda Landscaping and Excavating, a leading regional landscaping contractor for over 35 years, has offered their clients many strategies and insights into the 2012 landscaping season.

“We have had an extraordinarily mild winter, the mildest that I can recall in the Poconos since the early 1980’s,” express Anthony Farda, owner of Farda Landscaping & Excavating. “It’s easy to forget that it is only March. At Farda Landscaping, I would caution my clients to hold off planting annuals such as bedding plants like impatiens, begonias, petunias, and geraniums. We could very likely suffer a cold snap with frost and freezing temperatures. At Farda, our rule of thumb is waiting until after Mother’s Day to plant annuals and bedding plants.”

Resisting the urge to decorate with annuals does not preclude creating a flourishing spring garden. Hardy plant alternatives can be incorporated now to offer color and interest to the landscape. Additionally, the mild weather offers the opportunity to get the yard and garden ready for the growing season. This can be accomplished by edging beds, ridding them of winter debris, and adding a fresh coat of top quality shredded hardwood bark mulch.

Farda continues, “We are currently scheduling ‘spring clean-up’ jobs with our customers. This includes pruning and fertilization programs to help your lawn and garden put its best foot forward.”

With economic concerns still a reality, creating a landscaping wish list of what you are looking for, organized from necessities to desires, will serve as your guide when interviewing prospective contractors for your project. You will want to give each landscaper you interview the same wish list to consider and ask not only the cost of completing each work item you are considering, but the timeline for completion for each of those items.

“Many times our client wish lists exceed their budget for the whole project,” explains Farda. “In those instances, our approach is to work with clients to map out long range goals and arrange the work in practical stages – both from a budget and aesthetic perspective.”

Looking at trends for the 2012 growing season, homeowners are returning to a lifestyle that focuses on old-fashioned comforts and entertaining, touched with a modern day environmentally conscious sensibility.

“We are seeing a yearning for simpler times and home-keeping that marries simplicity with modern conveniences – all as a means of escape from our hectic daily lifestyles,” conveys Farda.

Farda continues, “Landscaping that is environmentally wise, offers designated composting areas, drought resistant plantings, and suitable gardening locations for growing your own food are all trends we are noticing. Of course, outdoor dining and cooking spaces remain an ever-popular request, as well as attractive and energy efficient outdoor lighting options to extend the hours in which to enjoy outdoor spaces.”

With more warm temperatures on the horizon, it is certain that regardless of which path to landscape beauty a homeowner chooses, it will be a beautiful growing season in the Poconos this year.

“We are so excited for this growing season,” concludes Farda. “We are looking forward to working with our clients to provide professional and creative advice for turning their homes into a serene oasis that can be enjoyed now, this summer, and always.”

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