Basic Power Partners With Spark Fund For Energy Efficiency Project Financing


Basic Power, Inc., a Marshall’s Creek, PA, technology manufacturing company announced today that it has partnered with DC based Spark Fund to offer financing for the BPU™ energy savings technology for projects between $10,000 and $1,000,000.

Spark Fund will provide instant pricing estimates with flexible financing options for commercial, institutional, non-profit and governmental clients for energy efficiency projects through Basic Power’s website at

“Our energy savings technology is priced to deliver a payback within 24 months,” said Stephen Washington, Director of Business Development. “Having a lease option means that our clients can realize a positive cash flow on energy savings accomplished with technology on day one.”

Washington continued by pointing out that clients would now be able to visit Basic Power’s website and enter the cost of the BPU model they wished to purchase (including installation costs), the annual savings (based upon the company’s guaranteed 10% minimum reduction) and adjust the lease length to provide their desired outcome.

“As a sales tool the Spark Fund lease and its simple application process is invaluable,” concluded Washington. “I look forward to being able to present our prospective clients with this alternative financing option for the purchase of our innovative kWh consumption and kW demand reduction technology.”
For more information contact:

Stephen Washington
Business Development
Basic Power, Inc.
570 534 1687