Blue Cross of NEPA recently launched a new Self-Service Portal


Wilkes-Barre, PA – Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (BCNEPA) recently launched a new and improved member self-service site on its website,  The new self-service site is designed to give members more information and to help them better manage their health care benefits.

New and improved features of the site include:

Personalized Dashboard
Upon signing in, members will be greeted with their own personalized dashboard that provides:

* A list of the 10 most recently finalized health care claims.  Members can click on each claim or at the bottom of the list to see more information, including explanation of benefits (EOB) statements and where they stand on deductibles.

* Tabs on the top of the page for easy navigation to the other features of the site or access to the message center to email questions or comments.

Expanded Claims and Benefits Info
The “Claims and Benefits” section has been expanded to show a complete list of claims activity (financial summary, services provided, payment status and reason codes) as well as EOBs.  Members can now see an expanded list of covered benefits with real time accumulators and maximums, so they know where they stand at any time throughout the year.

Easy Updates
Members can use the site to update email address, password and security features.

User Guide
Members will still have access to valuable features including discount programs, wellness tools (where applicable), comparison and quality data information, detailed profiles on doctors and hospitals and more.

To use the new and improved member self-service site, members can visit