Business Leadership Expert Hosts “GUTSY WOMEN” Leadership Program


Whitehaven, PA – Sylvia Lafair PhD, award winning author of “Don’t Bring It to Work” and President of Creative Energy Options (CEO, Inc.) will host the powerful GUTSY WOMEN Week-end Retreat August 5-7 at her corporate training facility, The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center in Northeast Pa.

This program shines the spotlight on what women want and need in today’s ever changing world.  With her years of executive coaching and research, Dr. Lafair puts things in perspective, “That old battle of the sexes still lives.  It is great that we now know it really is all in our heads! Yet, learning how to communicate based on our brain differences, turn that battle into a powerful partnership.”

For over 30 years her dedication to optimize workplace relationships is evident in this fun and fact-filled program that gives women the tools and tips to find the perfect balance between giving and getting without selling themselves out. “This is a time for all women to trust that keen intuition, that gut feeling which is so often right and help lead the way to a more vital and people friendly work environment”, states Lafair.

This program offers a week-end packed with healthy food, great conversations, and eye-opening ideas, along with time to reenergize, recalibrate, and refuel.  Friday evening through Sunday noon addresses three core aspects of a working women’s life: how to become your best in self-care, self-aware and pattern-aware areas of your life.

Lafair states “GUTSY women learn that self-care is not selfish-care. Patterns often inherited from past generations will not suffice in the contemporary world. We all need to design our own balance sheet for what makes us effective in the long run”.  This program helps to retrain the brain for happy, healthy, and hearty living.

Self-care will include the opportunity for massage, hiking, yoga, nutritional information, and exercise.

Self-aware modules will include some easy to follow techniques for taking an “inner snap shot” to make life enhancing decisions.

Pattern-aware lectures will help highlight new knowledge about relationships; why patterns repeat and what to do about them.

Always a GUTSY woman, Dr. Lafair did plunge into new territory first as an innovative family therapist and then as a business leadership expert. Her new book, “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” to be published in August 2011 includes the long view of the way women have changed the patterns of history, or as she calls it “herstory” and ways to be both feminine and tough, in a word GUTSY.

As she is so often quoted “Take the road less traveled; there’s no traffic to hold you back”.

Here’s the formula: take a group of women from diverse backgrounds, combine with a beautiful, serene setting, a dynamic program on what it means to be powerful and gutsy, plus great food, time to become self-aware and pattern aware, and add in some time to relax and have some self-care, and you’ve got GUTSY Success.

Attendees at the highly successful May event described the weekend as, “amazing, empowering, inspiring, and motivating”, and did not want to see it end. One attendee stated she returned home and sat with her daughter for two hours sharing what she learned. She told her how important it was to get quiet and take care of herself, especially when stressed with relationships and work.  She dialogued with her daughter using questions she had been asked at the retreat. They discussed family, relationships and work, and after a lot of tears and hugs her daughter was on her way home and this attendee had already paid it forward to someone else.  Each attendee left with a GUTSY Action Plan for making a difference in their own lives and paying it forward to others.

The next GUTSY Women Week-End Retreat is scheduled for August 5-7 at The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center. For a brochure and registration materials, please call 570-636-3858 or email or visit .


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Sylvia Lafair’s award winning book “Don’t Bring It to Work” is now being used in undergraduate and graduate classes at Purdue University and workplaces throughout the United States. She is a sought after workshop leaders and keynote speaker.