Business Leadership Expert to Host Women’s Leadership Program.


White Haven, PA – Sylvia Lafair, PhD, award winning author of “Don’t Bring It to Work” and President of Creative Energy Options, Inc.(CEO) will  host the popular WELL, “Women Executive Leadership Learning” program in March.  The two-day event, “REINVENT YOURSELF”, March 2-3, will focus on what it means to be a female leader in today’s world.  This workshop puts the spotlight on what women leaders want and need in our complex world.

The program will be held at The Country Place Retreat and Conference Center located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Pre-registration is suggested.  The program begins at11:00am on Wednesday, March 2nd and will conclude at 4:00pm on Thursday, March 3rd.

From rural communities to corporate boardrooms the world of business is being transformed by women.  Females now make up 50% of all managers; women are earning nearly 57% of all college degrees and majority of PhD’s.  So why do women sometimes feel, they don’t have a voice at the boardroom table?

The concept of the “glass ceiling” put men and women in antagonistic positions–it’s time to change the image to one of a high bridge of partnership where we can walk together towards the challenge, as so eloquently stated by Hanna Rosin at the TED Women’s Conference.

WELL is part of building that bridge of partnership rather than looking at or breaking a glass ceiling.

We all enter the workforce with our beliefs and patterns about roles of the genders and it is time to look at our part in building a better bridge. What are the opportunities and challenges that exist for women and men to champion a more balanced business environment?
WELL was developed by women for women and has been conducted for several years at The Country Place and Retreat Center. Lafair states, “Yes, a lot has changed, but maybe not enough. Or maybe it’s that a whole lot has changed and now you’re not sure how to respond and react. There are unanswered questions that tug and pull: “how do I encourage more collaboration, how do I get my voice heard, how do I not let my stereotypes and patterns get in the way of partnership?  These questions and more will be addressed in the March 2-3 program”.

In addition to Dr. Lafair, the program will be facilitated by Mary Jane Saras, LCSW, Vice President of Leadership Development for CEO.

Topics to be addressed in the two-day program include:

  • What are your stereotypes about gender roles?
  • What are some patterns around gender roles?
  • What’s your communication style?
  • Differences in communication between men and women.
  • What is confirmation bias?
  • What are the key ingredients to form an inclusive environment?
  • How you can transform your beliefs and patterns to open new doors of possibilities and partnerships.

WELL provides the tools to decide which behaviors support you and which you can let go. You’ll learn about confirmation bias (how we would rather be right than happy), the sticky part of gender roles, (why some old ways of seeing ourselves just won’t go away), the hidden resources you have ignored (parts of you on automatic that go down dead-end paths).

Once you observe your ingrained patterns they magically begin to change. Your leadership skills will take on a new luster, relationships flourish, and you become a magnet for transformation at work, at home, and in the community.  WELL supplies the skills and tools to define what is really important to you, what has gotten in the way, and how to get there.

For registration information, please contact Shirley Sabol, Executive Coordinator of CEO at or call 570-636-3858.

PHOTO: In photo from left to right, Dr. Sylvia Lafair,  Mary Jane Saras


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Dr. Sylvia Lafair, a business leadership and relationship expert, is the award winning author of “Don’t Bring It to Work” and the President of CEO.  She is a much sought after speaker whose specialties include: how to create a motivated workplace, dial down tensions with colleagues, decoding office politics, and finding the safe stress zone at work.

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