RESULTS from ONLINE SURVEY: Business Development in the Region


Poconos, PA – On March 8, 2011, Pocono Business Journal and mEnterprise Solutions ran a short online survey that covered the topic:  Business Development in the Region. Below are the results of the online survey.

In addition, we have included the comments we received in conjunction with the survey.

COMMENTS from Survey:

“Need to attract different types of companies, not just manufacturing and distribution. May wish to collaborate with other areas in NEPA
We need to develop the existing economic development sites to a point where businesses looking to relocate or locate to this area can be in within two or three months versus several years.”

“People feel they have to commute out of the area to earn a decent wage. This is disruptive to the family unit which creates further social problems. People are leaving the area , not staying as evidenced by dwindling school enrollment.”

“I believe Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NEP is a valuable tool in our region’s tool box.”

“We need “10 more Sanofi’s” and the infrastructure to support that type of business development. we have relied on tourism way too long, and then began a residential “build out” without too much overall planning. We need rail, both freight and high speed rail to bring in a higher salaried resident and to make us more accessible to nearby urban centers. If we don’t work at this soon, I fear that we will be gridlocked and unemployed. AND we DON”T need more strip malls! We can’t get to the ones that we have due to insufficient infrastructure..A Conundrum”

“Local and state legislators need to get back to basics with the budget — taxes should pay for infrastructure, education and law enforcement. Special interest programs and morally controversial programs, particularly those that aren’t held to the same rules as others (Planned ‘Parent’hood for one) should be defunded. If the Obamacare bill is not repealed, small businesses and middle income families will be hurt even more.”

“We need to be more innovative in attracting business.”

“make a decision – are we going to attract major corporations, or are we not”

“I believe that much of the job of recruiting businesses and jobs to the local area are too closely tied to the same old, same old individuals. A better cross section of the region’s population would create a more creative list of those businesses and organizations that could better serve the community. Having listened at length to those involved in economic development, it is apparent they like hearing themselves speak and there is no room for other suggestions or opinions.”

“build it and they will come! Having proper infrastructure is key in attracting and retaining key businesses to fuel our county for future growth essential for our children to stay in this area.”