Don’t Get Tripped Up on Power


The 8 Cs for keeping power in perspective

Leaders are found in almost every stratum of life – in companies, politics, and in social organizations such as families, groups of friends, etc. Too often, being a leader and owning power can trip you up.  Power in such cases can be misused or abused. This is often referred to as being on a “power trip.” Power tripping is usually viewed negatively and can cause others to lose respect and appreciation for you as their leader.  How can your readers avoid being tripped up by their power of leadership?

In her latest article, “Don’t Get Tripped Up on Power: The 8 Cs for keeping power in perspective,” business coach Danita Johnson Hughes, Ph.D., gives your readers ways to recognize, develop, and refine those personal characteristics that are the mark of a truly effective leader.  Some of Dr. Johnson Hughes’ eight Cs for gaining and maintaining power and for keeping power in its proper perspective include:

· Character
· Cautions Attentiveness
· Creative Perception
· Connectability

Danita Johnson Hughes, Ph.D. is a healthcare industry executive and author of the forthcoming book “Turnaround.”  Through her work she inspires people to dream big and understand the role of personal responsibility in personal and professional success. In her first book, “Power from Within,” Danita shares her “Power Principles for Success” that helped her overcome meager beginnings and achieve professional, community and personal success.