Emotional Intelligence Necessary Skill for Business Success


By mEnterprise Solutions

You may have heard the term before; Emotional Intelligence (EI). You may have immediately ascribed it as one more pie-in-the sky, soft-skilled distraction that doesn’t pertain to you or your business. But did you know that research has shown that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than either your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or your expertise (Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ)? So exactly what is it?

While there are a number of definitions each has in common the concept of possessing the ability to understand, perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self, others and groups.

Perhaps you were socially trained or raised to believe that through your own motivation, hard work and perseverance you could make it to the top and achieve success. Depending on your field of work this may absolutely be correct. But if you are required to be a leader dependent on others to help you get where you need to go, this approach may have limited or short-term success. Over the long haul this may not produce sustainable results.

There is general agreement that the competencies of Emotional Intelligence include achievement orientation, self-confidence, teamwork, empathy and self-control. In a study of 160 leaders who made it to the ranks of president or CEO each of these competencies were ranked in importance and the degree to which they were displayed over those individuals who were passed over for those positions. The chart below (also from Goleman) indicates the ranking and degree they were displayed over others.

For leaders, a high degree of Emotional Intelligence also translates directly into higher profitability and overall performance. Knowing how to listen, understand where your employees, clients and suppliers are coming from and getting the most from them not only can make you a better leader, it can translate directly to your bottom line.

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