Clay Studio at The Shawnee Gallery


The Clay Studio at The Shawnee Gallery offers classes, workshops, drop in projects and studio time to artist’s of all ages and abilities. The public is invited to experiment with slab rolling and handbuilding in an airy, well lit studio in the historic hamlet of Shawnee On Delaware.

Hand building is the manipulation of damp clay by hand, either “modeling” it to create a scupture, or creating a coil built pot or vessel. The Lenape Native Americans, who once inhabited the Shawnee on Delaware area, used coil production for their clay vessels, inscribing them with bands of linear designs, and wood-firing them in pits.

Slab rolling is a clay technique in which the clay is rolled with a rolling pin, like a pie crust. Shapes can be cut out and layered, to make low relief tiles or ornaments. Slab rolled clay can also be “drape” molded, over a form. to make platters, bowls and plates.

The clay pieces, once dry, are fired, or heated in a kiln to high temperatures, which fuses the silica content in the clay body, creating a watertight, ceramic piece.

Drop in projects are offered Tuesday-Sundays, 11-5 pm. Drop in projects are the perfect family vacation or staycation activity, as all ages can participate in one or more projects of their choice, with guidance from clay educator Roxanne Sagala.

Classes and workshops for adults are also offered, as is open studio time for experienced clay artists. Gallery Director Christine Griffin says “As a lifetime resident, and art educator, I’m so excited to be able to offer this facility to the community. It is wonderful for artists of all ages to have an opportunity to experiment creatively in a relaxed setting, with support and guidance as needed. The schedule is posted on our website The Clay Studio at The Shawnee Gallery,Worthington Avenue, Shawnee On Delaware, PA 18356 570-420-9404 or email

Photo Caption: Slab rolled bowl and plate with Botanical Impressions.