Core People Resources Announces Launch of OnLine HR Store


Stroudsburg, PA – Core People Resources (CPR), a web-based human resources company, announces the launch of its online HR store.  The online store offers businesses and HR professionals Human Resources (HR) products directly through the web.  Branded as, the site is open for public shopping 24/7 and includes a live chat support feature.

“The trend of the future is here,” says Victoria Mavis, President & CEO of Core People Resources.  “The idea of delivering Human Resource expertise over the internet is not a new.  .  Considering Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of the year, it demonstrates that online shopping is a widely accepted practice.  Industry experts believe it will extend beyond consumer products.” is designed for both experienced shoppers and those who may need more guidance to resolve their people issues to keep them compliant with the law and achieve their business objectives.  The site offers personal shoppers (aka HR experts) through its Online Chat feature to assist customers with purchases.  Additionally, every product features a complete description and provides a splash of consulting to advise customers of implementation requirements.

“The store is open in time to help customers with year-end review of compliance items such as: labor posters, forms, policies and handbooks,” says Mavis.  “These fundamentals keep employers updated with the law and reduce their likelihood of getting sued. We plan to expand our selections in the near future to include related services such as payroll, online training and employee benefits.”

For more information, contact Core People Resources at 1-570-213-4367, Option 3, visit us online at or email me at

Core People Resources provides companies and organizations with virtual human resource support for legal compliance, safety, workers’ compensation and general human resource and information technology issues through its web-based platform, CPR™.  By using CPR™, clients reduce their risk of employer liability and ensure compliance with employment laws.  CPR™ saves companies time and money by providing the policies, forms, and programs needed to manage all forms of employee and business issues. CPR also provides exclusive access to human resource and information technology experts through email, phone calls and conferencing.  CPR™ is a cost effective way for clients to manage their most pressing people issues.