Dansbury Depot Demolition (photo gallery)


July 29, 2010, East Stroudsburg, PA – Early morning sun and humidity also brought the machines.  Starting around 7:00 am, the Dansbury Depot met its’ demise. There was a steady stream of residents watching the workers tear apart the structure piece by piece. Some were discussing the good times they shared in the restaurant while others were looking forward to what the future will bring.

I was standing within earshot of a conversation and overheard one couple discussing how they are happy to see something new happening in the Borough of East Stroudsburg. “It’s time we get some economic activity on Crystal street” and “We know Mr. Nauman will do this location good and will bring us a venue that will help the local business.” mentioned the woman onlooker.

Construction workers were sifting through the metal and copper pipes, while a few onlookers were asking Mr. Nauman for pieces of the building. One woman walked away with a sign that hung inside the dining area, while another requested a decorative window.

What is to come of Crystal street?  What will replace the Depot?  We are not sure, but we can only look towards the future of this project and hope that it will help the local business owners by stimulating some growth in the borough. “East Stroudsburg needs this, we need this”, mentioned one gentleman watching the demolition.

(check back for more pictures as the day progresses)

Photo Credit:  Pocono Business Journal