Depot to honor former Commanders


Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA Tobyhanna Army Depot will host a recognition ceremony for eight former commanders at 10:15 a.m. Friday in front of Building 11.

The reunion will formally recognize the former commanders’ roles in the development and growth of Tobyhanna Army Deport.

The largest gathering of former Tobyhanna commanders, the reunion marks the start of the observance of two significant milestones in the history of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest employer.  In 2012, Tobyhanna will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Army’s arrival here and in 2013 Tobyhanna will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Tobyhanna Signal Depot.

The following individuals who commanded the depot between 1980 and 2009 will attend the event: retired Col. Carl Little (June 1980-June 1982), retired Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Prather Jr. (March 1985-July 1987), retired Col. Rex M. Isley (August1989-August 1991), retired Col. Thomas F. Springer (August 1991-August 1993), retired Col. Michael A. Lindquist (August 1993-August 1995), retired Col. Kurt Weidenthal II (August 1999-July 2001), retired Col. Tracy L. Ellis (July 2001-July 2003), and Col. Ron Alberto (July 2006-July 2009).

Col. Charles C.Gibson, the depot’s 29th commander, is host for the event.

For more information, call the Public Affairs Office, 570-615-8073.