Devereux Pocono Center is Awarded 2010 Healthy Work Place of the Year


Northeast, PA – Devereux Pocono Center was recently honored by the Wayne County Chamber ofCommerce and Blue Cross of Northeastern PA with the 2010 Healthy Workplaceof the Year Award in the large employer category. The award is in recognitionof Devereux’s efforts in providing employees with a healthier work environmentby offering weight loss programs, exercise programs, on-site nutrition counselingand health club memberships, among other lifestyle incentives.

“We are very fortunate to work for a company that recognizes the benefits ofa healthy staff,” said Bethany Samson, Human Resource Director of DevereuxPocono. “Devereux provides us with a fantastic menu of options that assist ourstaff in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The focus is not only on physical health,but all aspects of personal wellness which contribute to building an exceptionalworkforce.”

Devereux’s comprehensive health and welfare benefits programs include medical,dental, prescription, preventative care, retirement, mental health services andan employee assistance program, as well as more than five weeks of paid timeoff and generous educational assistance plans. All this is in an effort to helpemployees care for themselves and their families, so that they can continue caringfor the individuals Devereux serves.

Devereux is currently gearing up for their upcoming Health Fair. With thehelp of donations from local businesses like the YMCA and Apple Day Spa andSalon, Devereux will be raffling off wellness-related prizes as well as offeringstaff educational counseling sessions in topics ranging from caring for agingfamily members to personal finances. “At a time when many companies aremaking the tough decision to eliminate employee benefits packages, our benefitscontinue to stay strong” says Samson. Devereux’s programs continue to growas well. For more information on how you can join Devereux’s team go to