Draw Comfort and Inspiration from Patty’s Heartfelt Poetry


New poetry anthology offers inspiring messages and hope for all

East Stroudsburg, PA –  Drawing from her heart and life experiences, author-poet Patricia A. Grego weaves inspiring messages in her collection of poems.  She brings comfort and hope to readers as she shares Patty’s Heartfelt Poetry.

In this brief volume, Patty manages to include a plethora of themes that touches on anything and everything that just about anyone can relate with.  From wistful musings to dreamy poignant reflections, each poem is short, simple, yet sweet.  People can feel their troubles drift upward as they Look to the Sky.  Despite the Troubled Waters everyone encounters in life, there is still that Rainbow of Hope that brings back lost desires and dreams.

Employing rhythm and rhyme, each poetic piece in this anthology is lyrical and imparts a message that will resonate with all.  Filled with heart and comfort, readers can bask in the warmth of Patty’s Heartfelt Poetry

About the Author: Hi my name is Patty.  I’ve had heartaches, hardships and many financial struggles in my life to deal with.   One day I started writing about my life experiences to help give me strength and healing and before I knew it, a poem was born.  It has given me so much strength and I was able to heal myself. I do hope my book will do the same for you.

You can find my book at:   Xlibris.com