Eastburg Community Alliance (ECA) Announces Dansbury Depot Moving Day


East Stroudsburg, PA – The Eastburg Community Alliance (ECA) anxiously anticipates the Dansbury Depot’s Official Moving Day this Friday, October 15th.  In the instance of extreme weather (high winds, heavy rains) the move will be postponed until Monday, October 18th. The move will begin at approximately 9am and take place throughout the day. The Station is being prepped for her big moving day all week. The move is being conducted by Wolfe House and Building Movers with the assistance of Papillion Construction and has been made possible by a generous grant from the Monroe County Commissioners’ Hotel Tax Allocation, awarded to the Eastburg Community Alliance. The station is being relocated through a process of gradual raising using the Unified Jacking System. Upon raising from its foundation, it is then rested upon remote controlled state-of-the-art dollies in order to create a smooth and more accurate ride, and the relocated to its temporary location in the borough municipal lot property. The Station is then gently lowered onto its temporary location without compromising its integrity. The temporary location will be leased to the ECA while the permanent site is developed by Nauman, Inc and associated sub-contractors. Once site development is complete, the station will be raised one last time and gently placed upon her permanent foundation, where exterior rehabilitation will take place. The Eastburg Community Alliance wishes to thank ESSA Bank and Trust Foundation and the Monroe County Commissioners for making this project possible. Upon relocation and rehabilitation, the Eastburg Community Alliance believes this station will serve as a lynchpin for further cultural and economic development. A diversified sustainability plan will ensure the station’s success and calls for multifaceted programming and development including: a living museum displaying rail and local artifacts that integrates the economic benefits of seasonal rail excursions and its related tourism, a small commercial venture partnering with the local university’s business and entrepreneurial programs, educational programming related to transportation and local/regional history, a home for community events, a small venue for arts and cultural programming and a multi-modal transportation node. We are confident that the East Stroudsburg Station will have a bright and prosperous future in our Community and Friday marks a very important step in that future.