Pike County Economic Development Authority concerned about new DEP regulations


EDA urging contact with legislators on Chapter 102 regulations

Milford, PA – The Pike County Economic Development Authority is highly concerned about the adverse impacts of the recently adopted Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Chapter 102 regulations.  The EDA is urging citizens and business owners to review information on these regulations and contact their legislators.

While the DEP estimated that only a small area of the Commonwealth would be impacted, all the land area in Pike County is affected by virtue of the HQ and EV watershed designations.

The regulations do not define a reasonable threshold for a watercourse and apply the same size buffers to all.  Therefore any small or even man-made area that occasionally has water running through it can trigger the large buffer zones contained in these regulations, rendering tremendous land masses no longer suitable for development.

These regulations impose expensive and cumbersome paperwork as would be required for a major commercial development on a single family home.  Accordingly, such critical development will become more expensive and difficult while the availability of land for development is curtailed, drastically affecting the construction industry and our local economy.

Additionally, there is no waiver or variance procedure in these regulations that can be readily exercised by the appropriate authorities without long delays and significant expenses.

Thoughtful revisions to the Chapter 102 regulations must be adopted swiftly to avoid the long term ramifications of these unintended consequences.  The Pike County EDA urges everyone to contact their Pennsylvania legislators and encourage such revisions.  The EDA is sending such letters and has made a form letter available which can be downloaded on the web at www.edapikepa.org/news along with addresses for local legislators.