Regional Economic Development Professional Facilitates Federal Forum on Manufacturing Reshoring


Eric Joseph Esoda, President & CEO of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC), facilitated a panel discussion on effective manufacturing reshoring tactics at the International Economic Development Council Federal Forum in Washington, DC on April 11th. The forum drew several hundred economic development practitioners, national policy influencers and Congressional members or their senior staff.

As part of the event, Mr. Esoda summarized NEPIRC’s experiences in stimulating the reshoring of products previously made overseas and the repatriation of American manufacturing jobs. NEPIRC recently completed a multi-year Make It In America Challenge Grant focused on reshoring, which enabled the organization to introduce more than 140 Pennsylvania manufacturers to a variety of reshoring tools, techniques and expert consultants. NEPIRC also worked collaboratively with more than 30 manufacturers to fully analyze the true cost of their imported supply chain inputs, which ultimately led to the complete reshoring of many of those items and the creation of new domestic supplier-buyer relationships.

Along with facilitating this important discussion, Mr. Esoda participated in dialogues on how national and state policies can influence manufacturing modernization, competitiveness and future workforce preparedness.

In addition to serving as President & CEO of NEPIRC, Mr. Esoda is the President of the Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center Network and sits of the Board of Directors of the American Small Manufacturers’ Coalition.

Last year, NEPIRC’s engagements enabled regional manufacturers to create and retain more than 1,500 manufacturing jobs and invest $28.9 million in regional expansion projects.

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