ESU Athletic Trainers’ Save a Student’s Life


East Stroudsburg, PA – Two ESU Athletic Trainer’s sprung into action when they were alerted that a student collapsed in the arena Tuesday afternoon (12-7-10).  The student was playing basketball in a fitness class when he suddenly collapsed in Koehler Fieldhouse.  The Professor of the class sent a student to summons the Athletic Trainers, who were located on the 2nd floor of the same building, in addition to activating EMS.  Wendy Wheeler Dietrich (Stroudsburg, PA), ESU Athletic Trainer, was the first athletic trainer to arrive on the scene.  Wendy quickly assessed the student and then sent an athletic training student for the AED which was located approx 50 ft from the incident.  By the time the second responder, Colleen Shotwell (Avoca, Pa), Coordinator of Athletic Training Services arrived, Wendy already had the pads placed on the student at which time it began analyzing the heart’s rhythm.  At this time the duo recognized that the student was in cardiac arrest, and the shock was advised.  After the student was shocked, the Certified Athletic Trainers performed CPR – Dietrich applying compressions as Shotwell administered rescue breathes in which fortunately revived the student prior to EMS arrival!

The two athletic trainers give much credit to Rachel Moyer of the Greg Moyer Foundation for aiding ESU in purchasing the AEDs that are currently in Koehler Fieldhouse (4 AEDs).  In addition ESU has 29 AEDs located in 17 buildings on campus.

All nationally certified athletic trainers are required to hold current professional rescuer CPR/AED certifications. The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society (PATS), a professional athletic training organization represent approximately 3000 Certified Athletic Trainers and Athletic Training Students in Pennsylvania.  This is currently the largest number of Athletic Trainers (ATs) of any state in the nation.

Athletic Trainers are multi-skilled health care professionals who are educated to provide services for individuals who are physically active. Athletic Trainers hold a minimum of a bachelor degree from a four-year accredited institution; however, more than seventy percent of nationally certified Athletic Trainers have earned a master or doctoral degrees. The education of Athletic Trainers is steeped heavily in the basic and applied sciences. There also is a strong clinical internship requirement for all Athletic Training Students, mandating experience under a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer. Pennsylvania boasts the second highest number of accredited entry-level Athletic Training Education Programs in the nation (20).