East Stroudsburg University Students Create Pocono Good On-Line Magazine


A new online magazine called Pocono Good created by East Stroudsburg University students focuses on compelling human interest stories about the unsung people who run Monroe County non-profit organizations (NPOs) and the good things associated with the missions of the NPOs themselves.  The new publication will debut during a launch party at ESU on Wednesday, July 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Lower Dansbury Lounge.  The event is open to the public at no cost.

This pilot issue of the magazine features articles on 15 regional non-profit organizations and the writing, photography and design of 25 ESU students.  Pocono Good informs the community of opportunities to participate in volunteer activities, of events open to the public to support charities and nonprofit fundraising, and provides a single referral to resources for people in need.

Through the process of developing this publication, students received their first professional byline and/or publication credit while gaining a better understanding of the problems facing the greater community.

The project to create the magazine was made possible through funding provided by a grant from the office of the provost in response to a proposal by two faculty members, Dr. Susan Bonser in media communication and technology, and, Professor Bill Broun in the English department.   Their proposal was a suggested plan for the new

publication, Pocono Good.  It exemplified how the application of an actual student/faculty community service learning project could be designed and implemented in a manner that benefits the community while involving the students in a real world project with the potential to take root.

Bonser taught computer design and Broun taught writing for the web to their magazine-creating students throughout the past spring semester. While learning these skills and developingPocono Good, students also gained significant perspectives on social problems, volunteer organizations and the concepts and history surrounding non-profit organizations.

The NPOs featured in the magazine are: Bushkill Outreach, The Pocono Community Theater, Habitat for Humanity, P.A.T.H., The Angel’s Closet, Mohican Outdoor Center, Poetry Workshop of the Pocono Writers, Animals Can’t Talk Rescue and Adoption Inc., Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM), Women’s Resources of Monroe County, Meals on Wheels of Monroe County, Monroe County Planning Commission, Pocono Mountains Film Festival, Angel Food Ministries, and the Eastburg Community Alliance.

“We are pleased Pocono Good met the goals of our initial proposal, offering unique stories of help and hope to our readers while providing students with opportunities to learn about multimedia magazine reporting, writing, and design,” said Dr. Bonser. “In addition to receiving a stipend for their work, each of these students experienced valuable lessons that will surely enhance their resumes as they seek employment during these tough economic times.”

Representatives from each of the 15 non-profit organizations, who were written about in the inaugural issue of Pocono Good, will attend the launch party and will receive a donation toward their organizations.

Bonser, Broun and the students who created Pocono Good are encouraged by the initial response to the magazine and they are seeking ongoing funding support to ensure the publication’s continuation.  They also encourage readers to let them know what they think of the new magazine, and to submit ideas for articles about other non-profit organizations for future consideration at poconogood.com.

For more information about Pocono Good, contact Dr. Bonser at sbonser@po-box.esu.edu or Professor Broun at wbroun@po-box.esu.edu.