Fitzmaurice Community Services – Proof that Employee Retention is Alive in the Poconos


Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc., a leading organization for individuals with Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities, honors senior employees serving fifteen years and over at its annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon.

It takes a special kind of person to care for individuals with disabilities, and Fitzmaurice Community Services has retained the cream of the crop.  Seventeen of Fitzmaurice’s “finest” were recognized for their commitment to the organization’s mission, vision and its consumers for fifteen years of tenor and over.  Long time Direct Support Professionals who care for consumer’s daily needs up to Executive Management who have worked their way through the ranks were part of the recognition, including Fitzmaurice’s own Liz Koster, President & CEO clocking in at 35 years.

The Human Services field is a rewarding career path that can open many doors within the Social Services realm offering ongoing education and advancement to professional individuals that are not looking for simply “a job.”   Annette Keenhold has been with FCS for the past 21 years beginning as a Program Manager for four of FCS group homes, and moved on to the Supported Living Program.  She states, “…I see positive changes every day, and the most rewarding aspect of my position is to see the appreciation from whom I work with for my assistance. I enjoy participating in consumer’s interests and hobbies, and encourage them to follow their desires and reach their goals.”

Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc. is a non-for-profit organization that has been Building Brighter Futures for over forty years for Adults with Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and their families.  We pride ourselves with exceeding client and family expectations by providing environments that promote growth, success and friendships.  This is accomplished by consumers, family members, and our staff and the community working together.  To learn more on how you can make a difference with a rewarding career go to, or contact Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc. at (570) 424-6223.

Pictured Left to Right: Jeanette Allen; 18 years, Margaret Schnatter; 16 years, Tom Maltese; 15 years, Chris Bumford; 17 years, Annette Keenhold; 21 years, Lynn Scocozza; 24 years, Liz Koster; 35 years, Sherri Schenke; 26 years, Deb Scocozza; 17 years, Lisa Hoag; 16 years, Brian Kim; 15 years, and Nathaniel Hicks; 21 years.  Not Pictured:  Alina Ciesla; 17 years, Jaan Hagerup; 18 years, Yigo Diouf; 18 years, Roberta Reding; 19 years, and in Memorial of Graham Tynemouth; 17 years.