Socially Responsible and Faith Based Investing


We may not be able to singlehandedly solve the energy crisis or put corrupt companies out of business, but we DO have a vote with our wallets when we invest strategically.  Using an ethical or moral standard to choose investments dates back to the mid eighteenth century when the Quakers took a stand against slavery.   Today, socially conscious investors can choose from some 200 mutual funds with values based investment philosophies, or do their own research on sites like  If you’ve ever thought about investing for a cause or against it, or wondered if there was a way to put your investments to work for disadvantaged communities, Baehr Family Financial’s next free workshop is for you.  The next installment in the Everyday Money series, “Socially Responsible and Faith Based Investing,” will introduce you to the concept of investing with your values, provide specific information about investment choices, and demonstrate some of the screening tools available.

Join us on October 21 to learn how your investments can make a difference in the world.

“The decision to invest in one place rather than another, in one productive sector than another, is always a moral and cultural choice.”  (Pope John Paul II, An article in the Journal of Investing, Winter, 2001, by Mary Naber entitled Catholic Investing: The Effects of Screens on Financial Returns.)

The Everyday Money educational workshops are both free of charge and free of sales pitches, and are held on the 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7 pm, at the 742 Ann Street, Stroudsburg office.  Space is limited, so reservations are required.

You can reserve your space by emailing or calling 223-1550.

Upcoming workshop dates:

October 21:   Socially Responsible and Faith Based Investing

November 18:   Taming the Holiday Spending Monster

January 20:  Tax Traps and Tax Gifts