Frailey Insurance and Financial Services Celebrates 75 Years in Business


Stroudsburg, PA – Frailey Insurance and Financial Services held their 75 years in business celebration at their office on Route 611. The festivities started with the reading of a Certificate of Recognition signed by State Senator, Lisa M. Boscola and a Citation presented by State Representatives, Rosemary M. Brown and Mario M. Scavello. “The Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce congratulates the Frailey Agency on celebrating 75 years of service and excellence to the community.  Frailey Insurance and Financial Services, a third-generation family-owned firm, is one of the most prominent insurance agencies in Monroe County. The Chamber applauds the Frailey family for their exceptional commitment to meet the needs of their clients and the community,” stated President and CEO Robert P. Phillips.

Chamber members, staff, family and friends of the Fraileys’ enjoyed great weather, good food, and a 75-year anniversary cake. Mr. John M. Frailey, “During this past week, Ruby  E. Bush, a client that we have insured since 1956, stopped in to wish us well. It is these types of clients that have made us the agency we are today. We are very appreciative of their loyalty and trust. It is now time to move the agency forward by handing over the reigns to my children, Michael and Michele. I have great confidence they will continue to carry out our services the ‘Frailey Way’ for many years to come.”

“The Frailey family has put all the pieces together for three quarters of a century. Congratulations to John, Michael and Michele on their 75th Anniversary,” said Jim Becker, a Chamber member.

Michele Frailey-Miller exclaimed, “I enjoyed our time with family, friends, clients and community members. Our relationships with people are what make the difference, so the celebration was even better because of those who were with us.”

“Frailey Insurance represents a culture of commitment and integrity. Their willingness to serve their clients in a personal way has echoed for 75 years. Their passion for the community goes beyond insurance as they selfishly give back to the community with their time and talents. Monroe County is blessed to have a business like theirs in our community,” said Michael Tukeva, Executive Director, Pocono Alliance.

“Little did we know our one-day would run into a multi-day event? When we started planning we kept narrowing down the guest list. Realizing that we had more than 300 long-term clients was quite a humbling surprise. My Aunt Ruth (Doll) has been insured by our agency since the early 1950’s and I was so happy she could join us,” shared Michael J. Frailey.

Frailey Insurance and Financial Services is a full service agency. For more information, contact Carole’ Ann F. Bowyer, or 570 421-7447.

In Photo, Left to right (click thumbnail for full image) –  Carole’ Ann F. Bowyer, Andrew May, Paul Gunnels, Michele Frailey-Miller, Isobel Pelitsch, Mrs. Arlene Frailey, Mr. John M. Frailey, Michael J. Frailey, Elizabeth Frailey, Leigh Frailey, Josephine Fontan, Yvonne Reitemeyer, Peggie Livingston and Sandy Haley.