Frailey Insurance puts huge smiles on Devereux consumers


Stroudsburg, PA – Little did Frailey Insurance and Financial Services realize how many smiling faces there would be when Devereux Pocono delivered the Frailey Agency custom printed golf tees to their office on Route 611.  “Although it was a bit chilly and breezy, their smiles were warm and exhilarating.  It made us all feel so good,” states Michele Frailey-Miller.  Kyle-Elms Dash, one of the five consumers states, “This is so cool to have our picture in the paper.  We’ll be happy to make you more tees!”   “It was very special to have our individuals meet the people they packaged the tees for,” states Cindy Cartwright, Admissions Specialist.

“We’re always so pleased when we can help our fellow neighbor.  This is such a great program.  It helps Devereux and its consumers while it provides us another opportunity to distribute our brand,” shares Michael Frailey.

Devereux Pocono Programs and Services is a vibrant special needs community of residential and day training/treatment centers where their many nationwide consumers experience rewarding and dignified lifestyles.  Their programs are located throughout the Northeast PA.

To find out more about the Frailey Agency and how the golf tee program can help your brand, contact Carole’ Ann F. Bowyer, or 570 421-7447.


In photo:(Click thumbnail to zoom) from left to right, Michael Frailey, Christine Walters, Charles Reid, Cindy Cartwright, Admission Specialist, Maria Ruiz, Kyle-Elms Dash, Michele Frailey-Miller and in front Sebrina Hulcher.