GUTSY Women Leaders Make Change


White Haven, PA – In honor of Women’s Health Month and International Women’s Day, Sylvia Lafair PhD, is doing a double launch of her newest book “GUTSY! How Women Leaders Make Change” and her “GUTSY Women Week-End Retreat” May 20-22.  The new event will be held at her corporate training facility, The Country Place in Northeastern Pa.  Women, at the forefront of business, are making positive changes happen every day in every way by redefining leadership, and Dr. Lafair is here to give the short cuts to amazing success.

Sylvia Lafair has done it again! Her new GUTSY women’s leadership program, retreat style, gives working women what they need: time to reenergize, recalibrate, and refuel. The Friday evening through Sunday noon program addresses three core, areas, “how to be the best” in self-care, self-aware, and pattern-aware.

“In my research I really understand how vital it is for women to find the balance between what to give and what to get, and the essence to all of this is a new view of workplace relationships”, states Lafair.

GUTSY women learn that self-care is not selfish-care. Time is put aside to get quiet and get relaxed.

GUTSY women learn to be self- aware, when to plunge forward or stop. Time is spent with easy to follow tips on how to trust your gut and retrain your brain.

GUTSY women learn that pattern-aware means knowing everything you can about relationships, why patterns repeat and what to do about them.

The GUTSY Week-end Retreats are based on her 35 years of being a leader, often at a time when women were still standing behind men. She did plunge into new territory in healthcare, education, and business, learning how to partner in an equal way rather than seeing men as adversaries. Her new book “GUTSY! How Women Leaders Make Change” includes the long view of the way women have changed the patterns of history, or as she calls it “herstory”  and practical ways to be both feminine and tough, in a word, GUTSY.

As she is often quoted, “Take the road less traveled; there’s no traffic to hold you back”.

Founded in 1985 Creative Energy Options (CEO, Inc.) is an internationally recognized consulting firm with expertise in redefining leadership, workplace relationships, and conflict resolution. We help you create immediate, profound, and positive changes in your work culture using our Pattern-Aware™ tools, tips, and techniques.

We guarantee improved employee and client relationships. Our practical information and methods, used in businesses of all sizes, help leaders and employees ACT for Success by being Accountable, Collaborative, Trustworthy.

Sylvia Lafair’s award winning book “Don’t Bring It to Work” is now being used in undergraduate and graduate classes at Purdue University and workplaces throughout the United States. She is a sought after workshop leaders and keynote speaker.

For more information on GUTSY Women’s Week-End Retreat go to , call 570.636.3858, or email Shirley Sabol at .