Homeowners Looking for Ways to Spend Home Improvement Dollars Wisely


Stroudsburg, PA – Given the ups and downs of the economy, homeowners are choosing to update their homes as they ride out the sluggish home sales. However, with the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University released in July, homeowners are forecasted to spend less. This is why events such as the Pocono Builder’s Association’s annual Home Show are very important to homeowners who want to improve their own homes. The opportunity to meet builders, kitchen and bathroom specialists, and design professionals, allow them to discover the options available for updating their house. Then, they can spend their money smarter, stretching their budget, knowing where it is worthwhile to invest for extra perks.

The annual event provides the visitors the opportunity to speak directly with home repair specialists in hopes of helping them add life back into their kitchens or create the dream, sanctuary type of bathroom. Many homeowners might be unable to move to a newer, bigger house in this economy, but they still want the open kitchen that has grown in great popularity in recent years. At the Home Show they can see different flooring that can help the rooms flow seamlessly and give a sense of cohesion; everything from tile to reclaimed wood are options available.

Everything is not nuts and bolts at the Pocono Builder’s Association’s annual Home Show. Visitors can also ask questions they have about trends, such as “sustainable” options when remodeling their home. The creative home designers can help the homeowners see how to translate the modern furnishings and colors shown on popular home design shows and glossy magazines into a design that reflects their lifestyle – while fitting their budget. For example, drapery can be an expensive design feature, but cascades of silk framing a window add a touch of luxury at a substantially lower cost. Also, even when a dining room area is fairly small in square footage, a single tall piece of furniture can make the room feel more like a grand room.

In a smaller home, or for those who can’t enjoy a grand vacation, fully utilizing the outdoor area is just as important. The vendors at the Pocono Builder’s Association’s annual Home Show will spotlight ideas on how to create a patio area that is vibrant, inviting and beautiful. Homeowners can pair colors that pop with a soothing neutral palette to create a backyard that family and friends will enjoy.


For more information on exhibiting or attending the Home Show, please visit http://poconohomeshow.com.

Pocono Builders Association is dedicated to the collective creation of value for its members. The Pocono BA is the unified voice of the Pocono Mountain’s building industry. The organization promotes economic development while respecting the environment and community. To find out more about the PBA visit www.PoconoBuilders.org

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