Leadership Pocono – Strategic Planning and Board Governance


East Stroudsburg, PA – The Leadership Pocono Class of 2011, comprised of 22 individuals, convened for the third meeting of a 10-month program on Wednesday, November 17th at Pocono Medical Center.

The 2010-2011 Leadership Pocono class was pleased to welcome presenters Stephen Cunningham, Pocono Medical Center’s Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing/CDO, and Gary Olson, ESSA Bank & Trust’s President and CEO, to discuss the essential topics of strategic planning and effective board membership.

Cunningham focused on the critical nature of a well-written mission statement and strategic plan, while Olson reflected on Jim Brown’s book “The Imperfect Board Member” to illustrate the role of board members in their relation to an organization’s staff.

The Leadership Pocono students also began to engage in their assigned community projects, which include supporting the Center for Vision Loss in maximizing its ability to transport clients on a limited budget as well as creating and sustaining an alumni association for the Leadership Pocono organization. The students look forward to continuing these projects throughout their ten-month course and applying their leadership training to positive influence in our local community.

The Leadership Pocono class will meet again on December 15th at the Shawnee Inn and Resort as they progress through the comprehensive program.  Further information is located on the web at www.leadershippocono.org or by contacting Francesca Turturro, the LP coordinator at 570-421-4433.

Leadership Pocono is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Pocono that was established in 1997.  Leadership Pocono provides the identification, development and empowerment of excellence in business, personal and community leadership.  A learning experience like no other, where those who shape our community tomorrow develop leadership skills from those who are doing it today.   Over 165 individuals have successfully completed this intensive program and are contributing to the communities they live and work in.  For more information, visit the Leadership Pocono website at www.LeadershipPocono.org

ATTACHED PHOTO: Gary Olson, President and CEO of ESSA Bank & Trust, discussed strategic planning with the Leadership Pocono class members.