Leadership Pocono Class of 2012-2013 Completes 5th Session


Stroudsburg, PA – The Leadership Pocono Class of 2013 held its fourth class session on Wednesday, January 16th at ESU.  The session was on Board Governance. Participants learned the legal responsibilities of a board, effective board practices, how organizations are governed, and learn about grants and grant writing.  Presenters were; Tish Morgan, Standards of Excellent Officer, PA Association of Non Profits, Gary Olsen, President and CEO of ESSA, Angela Beers, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations ESU, and Bob Phillips, President and CEO Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce.

The class expectations were met.  A few quotes from the class on the day: “There are many reasons why individuals decide to serve on various boards, some less noble than others.

As a board member, one is faced with the decision to either fall in line with the status quo or be a force for positive change moving forward” Taylor Munoz.  “There was a vast wealth of information regarding nonprofit board governance and the legal implications involved.  I will be able to apply several of the suggestions given today” Marianne Atherton.  “Change a board by adjusting their vision and their outlook of mission” Patrick Lambert.

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