Leadership Pocono Class of 2012-2013 First Classroom Session


Stroudsburg, PA – The Leadership Pocono Class of 2013 has its first class Wednesday, October 17th at Pocono Medical Center.  The objectives of this first session are understanding innovation and how it may be useful in developing solutions and recommendations for Community Projects and identifying and understanding key components of project management by clarifying goals and coordinating outcomes.

Also at this session the class will be broken into 3 groups and be given their Community Projects.  Each group will work as a Team over the next 8 months to complete the project and deliver their results.  The classmates will meet, if not done previously, and have lunch with their Mentors, that have been assigned to them to help coach and guide them through the Program.

If you would like to know how you could become involved with Leadership Pocono visit our website www.leadershippocono.org or call 570-421-4433.  We are always looking for sponsors, mentors, speakers, and more.  Help build our future leaders.

Leadership Pocono is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce The program was established in 1997.  Leadership Pocono provides the identification, development and empowerment of excellence in business, personal and community leadership.  A learning experience like no other, where those who shape our community tomorrow develop leadership skills from those who are doing it today.   Over 200 individuals have successfully completed this intensive program and are contributing to the communities they live and work in.

For more information on Leadership Pocono and how you can become involved please visit www.leadershippocono.org or contact Francesca Turturro, Leadership Pocono Coordinator, at 570-421-4433 or via email at lpcoordinator@leadershippocono.org.