Brown Launches Petition Seeking to Reverse the New Jersey Tax Grab


EAST STROUDSBURG – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants Pennsylvanians who work in New Jersey and make $35,000 or more a year to pay higher income taxes to New Jersey, under a decision he announced on Sept. 2. In response, Rep. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) has published a petition on for Pennsylvanians who work in New Jersey to have their voices heard and ask Christie to reverse this decision.

Christie revoked a 39-year-old tax agreement between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which allows interstate commuters to pay income taxes in their state of residence. Without the two-state agreement, Pennsylvanians working in New Jersey would have to pay New Jersey’s graduated income tax instead of Pennsylvania’s flat income tax.

“I believe the best solution to this issue would be to reinstate the Pennsylvania-New Jersey Tax Reciprocity Agreement, which has worked well for nearly four decades,” Brown said. “I encourage residents of Monroe and Pike counties who work in New Jersey to sign this petition and urge Gov. Christie to rescind his decision and keep tax reciprocity. This is an unfair and unilateral tax grab.”

Nearly 19,000 residents of Pike and Monroe counties work in New Jersey. Pennsylvania residents who work in New Jersey and make $35,000 or more a year, would be subject to New Jersey’s higher tiered rates. Further, if their taxable income in New Jersey is $40,000 or more, they would be responsible to pay more than 5.5 percent in income tax, a 55 percent hike.

“All the money that would be sent to New Jersey is money that could be benefitting our communities here at home,” Brown said. “Not only would residents be expected to pay higher taxes to another state, but the tax filing process would be much more difficult and inconvenient to an already hectic lifestyle.

For more information about this petition, or any state-related issue, contact Brown’s district office in East Stroudsburg located at 143 Seven Bridge Road, by calling 570-420-8301. Information can also be found on online at or