Metcalfe Continues Push to End Illegal Alien Invasion in Pennsylvania


Harrisburg, PA – In response to yesterday’s decision by United States District Judge Susan Bolton of Arizona, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) will continue to forge full speed ahead to stop the illegal alien invasion in Pennsylvania. “This is an example of another judge disrupting the foundation of America by siding with illegals,” said Metcalfe in response to the recent ruling.

Representative Metcalfe, who is also the founder of, introduced the National Security Begins at Home legislative package in Pennsylvania. The package includes Arizona-modeled legislation, House Bill 2479, which creates a new criminal offense to allow state and local law enforcement to apprehend Pennsylvania’s estimated 140,000 illegal aliens for deportation. Also included in this legislative package are House Bills 2034 and 2035 which, together, would establish legal and economic sanctions against any “sanctuary” city, municipality or other local government entity that willfully violates federal immigration law by adopting ordinances, policies or informal procedures to encourage illegal alien invaders to reside within its borders or otherwise obstructs law enforcement activities.

Judge Bolton’s decision, which blocks some of the most widely-debated provisions of Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, continues to escalate the debate on illegal aliens invading the United States. According to the final results of a recent KQV Radio/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review poll an overwhelming 93 percent (1,466) of a total of 1,571 respondents support Metcalfe’s Arizona-modeled immigration reform legislation (House Bill 2479) becoming law in Pennsylvania.

Calling the ruling “out of step with reality and the majority of Americans,” Representative Metcalfe urges American citizens to sign an electronic petition or download and print out a hard copy in support of Pennsylvania’s Arizona-modeled legislation. The petitions are available at

“Judge Bolton made a decision that is against the best interest of America and Americans,” Metcalfe said. “The fire has been fueled and I will continue to stand with the majority of Americans to end the illegal alien invasion and protect American lives, liberty and property.”