Scavello’s Legislation to Ensure Patient Care Signed into Law


Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania recently enacted a law penned by Rep. Mario Scavello (R-Monroe) to ensure that patients with prosthetics and orthotic services receive care from properly trained practitioners with a high degree of skill and knowledge.

“This commonsense law is needed because advances in prosthetics and orthopedic footwear have enabled this health care field to grow and offer additional services,” said Scavello. “So naturally, we want to make sure patients receive the highest quality care available to prevent any further medical complications that could be experienced if an orthotic and prosthetic device is not properly custom fitted to its owner.”

Act 90 of 2012 will require at least four years of education – a bachelor’s degree in prosthetics or orthotics – or an associate degree and two or more years of education, training and work experience for these professionals.

The new law will also require a minimum of two years or 3,800 hours of direct patient care with a health care professional. Lastly, individuals in the field of prosthetics, orthotics, pedorthics or orthotic fitting will need to be licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine.

This legislation has garnered the support of Pennsylvania Orthotics and Prosthetics Society, Pedorthic Footwear Association, National Orthotics Manufacturers Association, the Pennsylvania Orthopedic Society and the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania.

More than a dozen states, including Pennsylvania’s neighboring states of Ohio and New Jersey, have laws regulating the practice of prosthetics, orthotics and pedorthics.

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