Liberty Homes Custom Builders is Celebrating 35 Years of Home Building in the Poconos


POCONO LAKE, PA (AUGUST 11, 2013) – Celebrating 35 years of home building in the Poconos,  Liberty Homes Custom Builders has weathered the housing downturn by maintaining customer service and innovative building techniques, something they’ve been doing  for more than three decades.

“Giving the customer value, service, innovative design such as ‘senior-friendly’ Universal Design, plus savings with energy efficiency are elements driving consumer wants and needs,” says President John Holahan.  At a time when some home builders, as experienced by the auto industry, had to close up shop, others, like Liberty Homes, hasremained flexible, tweaking and changing with consumer demand, remaining competitive and viable.

For example, when homeowners began asking for smaller houses and a different way of using that space, Liberty Homes responded with home plans that agree more for today’s families, i.e. using space in a more flexible manner, from the laundry room,  to the kitchen, master suite, storage areas, garage, baths, and even hallways and entryways.

Additionally, using Universal Design, the concept of designing products, floor plans and environments to be user- friendly for all ages and abilities, translates to a home that grows with the home owner. The concept is an important one regarding an aging population, observes Holahan, particularly in Pennsylvania which is statistically rated the second oldest state in the nation, ranked behind Florida.

Advantages of a new home include the selection of lot location, and positioning of the home to use natural elements to the home owner’s advantage, including views and natural lighting.

Holahan observes the basics regarding today’s housing market; “The consumer wants to be assured that they will not be overcharged, that a builder won’t cut corners to make a profit, and they will get excellent value for their money. They don’t want to be taken advantage or pay more than necessary.” Today’s home buyer wants to be assured that their house will perform as expected, or better, that all operating systems won’t break, and will not require money for repair. They’d also like to take comfort in knowing their house is comfortable while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, sums Holahan.

Liberty Homes also remodels existing homes with adaptable floor plans, fixtures and overall design for adaptable Senior-Friendly living.

Founded in 1978, Liberty Homes Custom Builders has been chosen by thousands of homeowners who desire an award-winning, year-round, vacation or retirement home in the greater Pocono region.  Liberty Homes is a Certified RESNET home builder, a Department of Energy (DOE) Total Home Performance Challenge partner, and has built more than 1,700 homes in the greater Pocono Region.  For more information,,, or call 866-4-YOUR HOME. Press contact is Tina Bradford at GGA Global, tbradford@ggaglobal.com610-248-3460.