Pennstar Bank Is Tax To Max Hero


Pennstar Bank has just announced a $2,000 contribution to Pocono Alliance’s Tax to the Max for Kids Campaign. The donation is made under the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program. Tax to the Max for Kids Pre-K Scholarship Program offers tuition assistance to children from financially eligible families wishing to attend approved pre-school facilities. The “Win-Win” Campaign celebrates the success of all stakeholders: businesses win by investing their tax dollars in their local community and future workforce; parents win because they are more productive employees knowing that their children are in high quality early care and education programs; and the children win because they are in nurturing programs designed to prepare them to enter school ready to learn. “Quality early learning is so important to a child’s future. About 90% of a child’s brain develops before he/she enters kindergarten. What a child experiences before age five can affect the way his/her brain develops,” said Roxanne Powell, program manager of Tax to the Max.

“Pennstar Bank recognizes Pocono Alliance’s commitment to improve the quality of life in Monroe County.” David Oberheu, President, Regional Sales Manager of Pennstar Bank, added, “We believe in supporting local programs that keep our tax dollars here and provide opportunities for children to live a healthy, safe and meaningful life.” The Tax to the Max for Kids Campaign is a unique opportunity for businesses to use their tax dollars, which they need to pay regardless, to benefit the children of their community.  Businesses that pay the following taxes are eligible to contribute to Pocono Alliance’s Tax to the Max Program: Corporate Net Income Tax; Capital Stock Franchise; Bank & Trust Company Shares; Insurance Premiums; Title Insurance Companies Shares; Mutual Thrift Institutions; and Personal Income Tax of S Corporations Shareholders or Partners in a General or Limited Partnership.

“Pocono Alliance is very grateful for Pennstar’s participation” said Michael Tukeva, executive director. “We hope to see more Monroe County businesses taking advantage of this opportunity.” Contact Roxanne Powell at Pocono Alliance at (570) 517-3958 or for more information. (Photo credit: Pocono Alliance)

Caption: David Oberheu, Vice President, Regional Sales Manager of Pennstar Bank, visits Pocono Alliance to congratulate them on their receipt of $2,000 for the Tax to the Max for Kids Program. From left to right: Roxanne Powell, Pocono Alliance education coordinator; Michael Tukeva, Pocono Alliance Executive Director; and David Oberheu, Pennstar Bank VP/Regional Sales Manager.