Online Tool Enhances Physician Information for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania Members


Northeastern, PA – Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania (BCNEPA) recently launched a Patient Review of Physicians (PRP) function on its website to help members make more informed health care decisions.

Using the PRP tool, BCNEPA members can complete a survey or submit comments about specific doctors, read what other members have to say about a physician, and review cost and quality ratings for hospitals and procedures before they make an appointment.

All doctors are judged by the same criteria, and there is a validation process to ensure that the member submitting a review has actually seen that medical professional.

BCNEPA members traveling outside northeastern and north central Pennsylvania are also able to read reviews by Blue Cross and Blue Shield members nationwide on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s National Doctor & Hospital Finder website.

Members can access these services online on the “Doctor & Hospital Finder” page of BCNEPA’s Self Service portal located at