Pocono Marketing Firm “Shows the Love”


National nonprofit organization wins “pay it forward” site from DWG contest

Delaware Water Gap, PA — When Pocono-based marketing firm MEGAWATT Communications started what they thought was a simple contest the weekend before Valentine’s Day, they never expected responses from around the country.

But thanks to the power of Facebook, that’s just what happened.

“We wanted to offer a contest that had longer-reaching benefits.  The goal was to give a free web site to a company, individual or organization that suggested the best plan for how they would ‘pay it forward’, explained Meg Watt, president of MEGAWATT Communications, which is located at the Historic Castle Inn. By “Showing the Love”, the winner would receive some love, too. “And our company would in essence procure two good deeds for the price of one.”

The response was amazing. “We had everything from individuals needing resume portfolio sites to companies in need of a better corporate image.  But in the end, we chose a nonprofit organization that promotes ethics in other nonprofit organizations.  What better way to pay it forward than to help an organization that helps organizations do the greater good,” Watt added.

The Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel® (ADRFCO) is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that encourages ethical behavior in fundraising among nonprofits around the country.  According to their entry received, the goal is to help others through a clearer message for members.   “By providing this better service to our members, they’d then turn around and be able to more efficiently give their clients (nonprofits such as American Cancer, the ASPCA, and so on) pertinent information. “

Watt said her company will be working with representatives of ADRFCO to help them rebrand their site and make it more user-friendly for both members and potential members.  “This is a great opportunity to do the greater good, which was the whole goal of the project.  We couldn’t be happier.”

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