Publisher’s Welcome


It’s been a long couple of months, but I am excited to say Pocono Business Journal is back! In its new incarnation – which is totally an online experience – you will recognize many of the same features that made the print PBJ so successful, but with much more, like a level of interactivity that is unparalleled in this market; the ability to search on any article, photo or caption, and column, regardless of when it ran; fast ‘wrap-around’ news delivered pretty much when it hits our in-box; and still, those great Q&A’s and the in-depth reporting that readers relied upon. Most important of all is our mission. We exist to help the Pocono business community with insightful, relevant, real-time tips, advice, and case studies of what’s working and what’s not in this extremely challenging economy which is bringing us all into unknown territory. We will speak directly to the small business owner and his/her concerns.

We’ve asked Debbie Burke to join this exciting next generation of PBJ as the Online Editor. Because of her long history with PBJ – she served as copyeditor from day one, and then joined PBJ as the full-time editor in 2007 until its last print issue – she will be instrumental in identifying the talent we need to bring on board to help this brand grow. You can email her at

This site will develop exponentially over the next few weeks. We hope you like the look and feel, the usability and overall navigability of it. Please feel free to check back daily (or even more often!) to see how we are growing to serve you. You can email us at Thanks for being part of the journey, and now, on to the news!

Jason Trump