Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. wins award for green house of the year award


Milford, PA – Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., recently won the green house home of the year award at the first annual 2010 Pike County Builders Association (PCBA) awards banquet on September 14th.

Pike County’s first Certified Gold Green Home is innovative in its form, materials and function. This contemporary home is architecturally compatible with other saltbox style homes and impressive in its sustainability. Nikles meticulously selected and constructed optimal green features for this Green Home. High Performance construction was achieved in three major areas: Energy Efficiency/Comfort, Indoor Air Quality/Health, and Sustainability/Stewardship.

This home was designed and built to be an affordable “Green” home that is energy efficient, with healthy and comfortable indoor air quality and sustainability.

As attested by the Energy Star Rating Certificate, (5 Star plus rating, with a HERS index of 48), which makes this home perform 52% better than code. HERS is an energy rating system that involves an analysis of a home’s construction plans and on-site inspections. The standard HERS rating for energy efficient homes, in order to become Energy Star certified is 85, or 15% more energy efficient. Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. has not only created a home that performs 52% better than code, but their average HERS rating for all of their homes is 56 – which is 44% more efficient, or almost triple the efficiency threshold required by Energy Star. This new, high performance home also won the NAHB Certified Gold level Green Home Certificate, and because of its efficiency, saves its owner an estimated $2,517 dollars a year in gas and electric bills.

What is also unique about this home is that the outstanding energy-efficiency rate was accomplished using ready available and affordable brand name products provided by Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc.

This three bedroom, two bath home is an ideal home for the first-time homebuyer, with ample room for expansion in the lower walk-out basement area.

As a full-service Home Construction and Design Company, Ed Nikles has won various local, state, and national awards including the Pennsylvania Builders Association’s “Distinguished Builders” award in 2004, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce “Business of the Year” award in 2006, the National Association of Home Builders “Custom Homebuilder of the Year” award in 2008, and most recently the Pocono’s Choice Award as the “Leader in Home Building” in 2010 and Pike County Builders Association 2010 custom primary home, best architectural design and builder construction, in the 3500-4500 sq ft category. Pike County Builders Associations 2010 “Primary Home of the Year” award, in the category of less than 1,500 square feet.

For more information regarding Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc.’s energy-efficient homes, please call (570) 296-9200 or visit www.ednikles.com.